How to control android smartphone from web browser using AirDroid free

21 July 2014 Admin (Technology)

Without USB control your android smartphone from any web browser by using FREE AirDroid app with more facilities such as locate device if lost,screenshot taker and many more.

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How to get clients location from its IP Address using jQuery JavaScript

18 July 2014 PPS (Programming)

Get Geo location or country from IP using jQuery JavaScript without prompting to client and without using longitude and latitude is topic of this post.

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Advanced SQL interview questions for experienced .NET Developers – 2

15 July 2014 PPS (Interview Questions)

SQL Server advanced interview questions for experienced .NET developers such as clustered index, Merge, on delete cascade etc. is the topic of this post.

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Copy changed data in table from one database to another in SQL stored procedure

10 July 2014 PPS (Programming)

How to copy or merge changed data in table from one database to another having same schema is the topic of this post.

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How to Create New SSAS Cube from existing dynamically in C#

8 July 2014 PPS (Programming)

You can programmatically create a new cube from an existing cube in C# by changing its name and source database name. Read this post to know in detail.

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Watch Lai Bhaari (लई भारी) Marathi Movie Official Trailer - Riteish Deshmukh

5 July 2014 Admin (Entertainment)

Riteish Deshmukh's new Marathi Movie "Lai Bhaari (लई भारी) " Official Trailer gaining nice response on YouTube checkout it here.

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Customize notification bar of your android Smartphone to add more shortcuts using power toggles

2 July 2014 Admin (Technology)

You can freely add more shortcuts to android notification bar and customize it as per your need along with extra row of shortcuts using Power Toggles app.

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Process SSAS Cube programmatically in C# using Microsoft.AnalysisServices Dll

25 June 2014 PPS (Programming)

Post on How to process SSAS Cube dynamically in C# with or without change in Dimension data using Microsoft.AnalysisServices

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Top 10 Visual Studio things which can boost developers coding speed

23 June 2014 PPS (Programming)

Visual Studio 2012 provides some coding features by which you can code faster if use them properly. This post will cover top 10 things among them to boost your development speed.

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Assembla - Free and private repository to manage your source code online with SVN subversion hosting

21 June 2014 Admin (Programming)

With Assembla you can share source code with others online. Free & Private source code repository with SVN Subversion, Git & Perforce Hosting.

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Create Ringtone from MP3 song in Android and have customized ringtones for your android smartphone

20 June 2014 Admin (Technology)

Want to set particular part of MP3 song as your ringtone. Create it with this free Ringtone Editor Pro app. cut mp3 as per start time and end time easily.

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Salman Khan's Kick Official Trailer released on YouTube

18 June 2014 Admin (Entertainment)

Watch official trailer Salman khan's upcoming movie Kick. Its a remake of Telugu action comedy and seems going to hit at box office.

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C# Interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced - Part Three

9 June 2014 PPS (Interview Questions)

What is InvariantCulture,Difference between string & System.String,Kinds of parameters,int vs uint are some questions which I am sharing in this post.

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C# Interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced - Part Two

8 June 2014 PPS (Interview Questions)

In this second post I will share questions like Default Access Modifier for Class,Generics in C#,Static class inheritance is possible or not along with different types of JIT compiler.

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C# Interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced - Part One

5 June 2014 PPS (Interview Questions)

C# Interview Questions & Answers for 1-3 years of experience. Collection of some fresher and experienced level interview questions.

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