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Transfer large files between androids at high speed using Wifi Direct

20 August 2014 Admin (Technology)

Share big files between android smartphones at very high speed using WiFi Direct technology. Easy to use and speed is in MBPS. Very helpful for sharing videos having size in GB.

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Create GIF (Animated) Image from any YouTube Video free

20 August 2014 Admin (Technology)

Know how to create and download a GIF (animated) image from any YouTube Video with this free online tool. Easy to use and simple settings.

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Know how to hide your number in TrueCaller app

18 August 2014 Admin (Technology)

Looking for the name behind the number using TrueCaller but don’t want to display your name when someone searches for your number? Then you can remove your number from TrueCaller database.

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Watch Vitti Dandu (विठी दांडू) Marathi movie trailer – Ajay Devgan’s Production

15 August 2014 Admin (Entertainment)

Vitti Dandu(विठी दांडू) – Ajay Devgan’s first venture in Marathi Movie released its official trailer. Watch it here online.

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How to login any site without registration or signup

14 August 2014 Admin (Technology)

Know how to login without registration to any restricted website requesting sign up. Simple but time saver tip.

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How to save all opened pages or tabs in Chrome, Mozilla & IE

11 August 2014 PPS (Technology)

Know how to save all opened pages URL and tabs as bookmarks for future reference with just one click in all browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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Avoid wasting time in searching, Get best articles from all over the internet on the topics you like.

9 August 2014 Admin (Technology)

If you like reading interesting and best articles on the internet but not like keep searching for it then this app is for you. Easy to use, well categorized and more personalized.

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Redirect() vs RedirectPermanent in ASP.NET MVC- Understand temporary and permanent redirection types.

7 August 2014 PPS (Programming)

What is the difference between Redirect(HTTP 302) and RedirectPermanent(HTTP 301) in ASP.NET MVC 4 is the topic of this post. Know how these redirections work and what they mean.

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How to disable all controls of particular div using jQuery

6 August 2014 PPS (Programming)

Know how to disable or make read-only all controls of particular div element using jQuery. You can find all elements all together and can set its disabled property to disable each of them.

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Baji(बाजी) – Superhero Marathi movie trailer – Sheryas Talpade,Amruta Khanvilkar

4 August 2014 Admin (Entertainment)

Watch Baji(बाजी) superhero Marathi movie trailer online here. Starring Shreyas Talpade and Amruta khanvilkar,Jitendra Joshi, expected release on 6th February 2015

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Make your ride smoother by knowing real time traffic information using Traffline android app

2 August 2014 Admin (Technology)

Get real time traffic updates of your daily route using "Traffline" android app. Save lots of time,fuel by knowing traffic movement in advance. Easy to use,accurate data.

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What is the difference between i++ and ++i in C#

31 July 2014 PPS (Programming)

This is one of the interview question for .NET that what is the difference between i++ and i++ in C# and what will the output of j with j=i++ and with j=++i. If you don't know check out this short but useful post.

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Locate stolen or lost xperia smartphone with its map position, alert sound ,lock it or erase data

30 July 2014 Admin (Technology)

With my Xperia locate your stolen xperia smartphone with sound alert and map position with facility to lock it or erase all data on it.

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How to hide hours in month view of kendo UI Scheduler

30 July 2014 PPS (Programming)

Hide Hours and show business hours button in Month View of Kendo Scheduler by setting configuration attribute or using jQuery on databound event.

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Shahrukh Khan - Deepika Padukone - “Happy New Year” Teams SLAM THE TOUR official promo released

28 July 2014 Admin (Entertainment)

At Houston,Chicago & Vancouver - Shahrukh Khan,Deepika Padukone & Other “Happy New Year” Team live in Concert to promote "Happy New Year" in different way. Here is the promo of SLAM THE TOUR.

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