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Now you can add runnable code snippets on stackoverflow. Supports JavaScript,CSS and HTML

17 September 2014 PPS (Programming)

StackExchange lauches new feature called "Stack Snippets" which enables user to add live runnable code snippets in Question and answer for JavaScript,CSS and HTML code.

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How to generate barcode using jQuery (ean8, ean13, code11, code39, code128, codabar and more)

15 September 2014 PPS (Programming)

Easily create barcode from string using jQuery barcode-coder plugin which supports multiple barcode types such as ean8, ean13, code11, code39, code128 and codabar.

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Orkut is shutting down. Download your photos, profile data and other details with Google Takeout

14 September 2014 PPS (Technology)

Google is officially shutting down Orkut on 30 September 2014 but you can download all your Orkut data e.g. photos, profile data, posts in single zip with Google takeout.

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How to connect USB Pendrive or Modem to Android Smartphone

13 September 2014 Admin (Technology)

You can connect USB pendrive or harddisk to your android smartphone using OTG cable. Transfer files between USB to android with high speed. Check out this post to know how.

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How to zoom video while playing it in android

7 September 2014 Admin (Technology)

You know how you can zoom images in android but if you want to zoom videos while playing then check out this best video player for android with zoom, pan, lock, subtitles and many more features.

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How to delay delivery of specific email in outlook till your desired time

4 September 2014 Admin (Technology)

Know how you can postpone a delivery of email you are sending from Microsoft Outlook with this simple setting. Mail will not get delivered to recipient until the date and time set by you not occurs.

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How to test responsive website design offline with local or remote servers

3 September 2014 PPS (Programming)

Know how you can test responsive sites offline with Dimension Legacy Google Chrome extension by developer tools(surgedigital). Easy to use and that is too offline.

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Speed up coding in Visual Studio with code snippets & samples at your fingertips

26 August 2014 PPS (Programming)

Know how you can speed up coding in Visual Studio with Bing Developer Assistant by having millions of code snippets and sample projects at fingertips.

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Document mode v/s Browser mode in Internet Explorer developer tools (F12)

24 August 2014 PPS (Programming)

Know difference between Document mode and Browser mode in IE Developer Tools while testing you site for old versions of Internet Explorer. It will help you to decide the rendering the site with respect to old and new versions of Internet explorer.

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Transfer large files between androids at high speed using Wifi Direct

20 August 2014 Admin (Technology)

Share big files between android smartphones at very high speed using WiFi Direct technology. Easy to use and speed is in MBPS. Very helpful for sharing videos having size in GB.

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Create GIF (Animated) Image from any YouTube Video free

20 August 2014 Admin (Technology)

Know how to create and download a GIF (animated) image from any YouTube Video with this free online tool. Easy to use and simple settings.

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Know how to hide your number in TrueCaller app

18 August 2014 Admin (Technology)

Looking for the name behind the number using TrueCaller but don’t want to display your name when someone searches for your number? Then you can remove your number from TrueCaller database.

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Watch Vitti Dandu (विठी दांडू) Marathi movie trailer – Ajay Devgan’s Production

15 August 2014 Admin (Entertainment)

Vitti Dandu(विठी दांडू) – Ajay Devgan’s first venture in Marathi Movie released its official trailer. Watch it here online.

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How to login any site without registration or signup

14 August 2014 Admin (Technology)

Know how to login without registration to any restricted website requesting sign up. Simple but time saver tip.

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How to save all opened pages or tabs in Chrome, Mozilla & IE

11 August 2014 PPS (Technology)

Know how to save all opened pages URL and tabs as bookmarks for future reference with just one click in all browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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