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Best Way To Hide Files Folders in Nokia s40 Symbian OS

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Hello Everyone, I am using Nokia Mobile since I had started using mobiles and was very frustrated when I tried to hide some files on s40 mobile but was not achived to do so as some how they were getting viewed in gallery or music player.
After so much of R&D, I finally got a way to hide it and maintain it as per my requirement using BlueFTP software. So thought best to share with you all as I know how "Privacy" is important for mobiles. Hope this will help you.

BlueFTP Software

Here are the steps :



  1. First Download "Medieval BlueFTP Software" from here.
  2. Save it in your mobile.
  3. Create one folder in your Memory Card. Rename it as "Tones".
  4. Copy all your files in it which you are wanted to hide from others. (NOTE: Rename folder name to "Tones" only.)
  5. Hide that folder using this downloaded software or by using your PC.
  6. Its Done! Now that folder is viewable only in BlueFTP not in gallery and all the files too will not get show in music player or photos.
  7. If they are getting shown, restart mobile once and try to update library of music player.



Let me know if you face any problem in achieving this trick. I am using this with my Nokia C3 successfully!

Also share the different and more easy ways to achieve the same. "Thanks!!"

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