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How to turn off irritating ads in notification bar of android

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Hello friend, In this post I am going to share information on how you can turn off those annoying ads which some app shows in notification bar of your android smartphone.

Some of the apps provides nice and free features but most of the time they shows annoying ads while opening the app,using the app and height of all is in notification bar too. But thanks to android as it has a support to stop such notifications for particular app.

Though this feature is available in android but I am not sure whether it is avalibale in android versions below 4.0.

Let's see how you can turn off these notifications.

First you need to identify the name of the app which is showing the ads in notification bar. So if you already know it then its good but if not then you know it by tapping and holding on that ad which will show a link of "App info". Once you click on that link it will open a app info window.

Now if you know app name you can directly go to the "Settings > Apps" and can select a particular app which will open a screen like below.

how to turn off irritating ads in notification bar of android

You can see the checkbox "Show notifications", you just need to uncheck that checkbox, that's it. Now that app will not able to show the notification ads (It will stop all notifications including ads).

Hope this simple information has benefited you. Thanks. Keep reading, keep sharing!!

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