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Protect JavaScript source code by encrypting it online free

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This post contains information about how you can encrypt or protect your JavaScript source code by using these free online tools.

Many of us developers JavaScript code while designing some website and sometime you want to protect your JavaScript code by hiding it or encrypting it. So if you too are looking for some tool to encrypt your JavaScript code then this simple post will definitely help you.

If don’t know the meaning of Obfuscate then you can read more here.

I have mentioned below some websites which helps you to encrypt or obfuscate your JavaScript source code by making it difficult to read and understand.


Above tools obfuscates your JavaScript source code by using some eval() and other algorithms and makes it difficult to read and understand. You just need to copy paste your js code and with one button click you gets your encrypted code.

Though above tools help you to encrypt your JavaScript source code but I will recommend keeping eye on performance and ensuring that this obfuscating is not making your site slow.

Also even if you have encrypted your JavaScript source code there are some sites available which helps to reverse the obfuscation process and make js code readable but still it adds one layer in protecting your JavaScript source code.

I hope this simple post has benefited you by adding some information in your knowledge bank.

Let me know your opinion in comment section about using such tools. Thanks. 

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