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How to delay delivery of specific email in outlook till your desired time

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Hello friend, in this simple and short post I am going to share information about how you can delay delivery of sent mail with one simple setting in outlook.

Some days back I want that my mail must not get deliver before my desired time so I searched for this and found a simple setting in outlook using which I am able to so. Most of you might already know this but still sharing as most of them are not aware too.

Let’s start knowing how you can achieve it.

When you click on “New Mail” option in outlook following kind of window gets opened in which you fill recipient email id, subject and actual mail.

How to delay delivery of specific email in outlook

On the ribbon, click on “Options” (highlighted in above image), then you will able to see “Delay Delivery” option under it (highlighted). It will open another window like below.

Delay delivery of sent email in outlook

In Delay Delivery settings, you just need to check “Do not delivery before” and need to set desired data and time. That’s it.

Once you set above options click on send. Your mail will not get delivered to recipient until the desired date and time occurs.

Hope this simple setting will help you on some day. Do share any other helpful settings you know about outlook in comment section below.

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