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How to make hidden private and password protected folder in windows 7 without using any software

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Everyone Wants to hide some private files or folders from the other users of your personal computer or laptop. Mostly we use the inbuilt feature of "Making Hidden Files" of windows 7, here I am going to share one simple solution by which you can add more layers to your privacy by making your private folder hidden, locked and password protected too without using any third party application.

It is a simple trick. Just follow following steps.

  • Download "myIMINFO.rar" from here.
  • Extract it at your desired location.
  • Uncheck "show hidden files,folders and drives" and "Hide protected operating systems files" checkboxes in "Organize>>Folder Options>>View". (Help )
  • click on "Apply" and "OK".
  • Now you will see "myIMINFO" folder inside previously extracted folder.
  • Copy all your private data in folder "system32" folder of "myIMINFO\vault".
  • Once done, click on "system_h" file in "myIMINFO" folder.
  • Its done! now check what happened to "system32" folder. (its got converted into "Documents" folder, so user will not able to see your data unless it gets unlocked.)
  • To unlock it again, click on "system_o" file of "myIMINFO\vault" folder.
  • Enter "" (without quote) in it and hit enter, its a default password.
  • Its unlokced, now you can access your private data again.
  • To lock just run "system_h" file of "myIMINFO"again.

Hope you all have liked this simple trick.

For any query just be in touch in comment section below.

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