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jQuery BlockUI Plugin - Best plugin to block UI till you are processing request

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This post covers information about jQuery BlockUI Plugin.

Recently I used this easy to use plugin in one of my project developed in Backbone.js and I found this plugin very useful and simple to block and unblock UI till some process is going on.  Most of the time we have async AJAX requests in our application and we may need to block the page or some specific part of the page till the request gets completed, and to achieve this goal, I feel this plugin is the best choice so I thought to share it here.

jQuery BlockUI Plugin adds some elements on DOM to give the appearance and behaviour of blocking user interaction and removes when not required. You will have lots of options with this plugin like page blocking, element blocking annd modal dialogs with lots of custmized settings like callback on unblock,html content as message, growl notification etc.

You can try out all the demos here

Check out the live fiddle below to see plugin in action with basic blocking and unblocking.

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