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Create bulk repetitive queries or text manipulation with NimbleText

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This post covers information about the free online tool NimbleText using which you can perform different text or data manipulation such as repeat pattern SQL queries or C# properties etc.

NimbleText tool is developed by Leon Bambrick co-creator of TimeSnapper later improved by input and feedback sourced from various peoples.

Using this tool you can perform text and data manipulation which will help you to avoid the repetitive work and get a smart solution on it. Imagine you are testing some functionality for which you need to create a dummy data of almost 5000 rows with same pattern or you are having some data which you want to be wrapped in <ul><li>. In such cases you can use this awesome tool which will help you to generate such repetitive texts with one click.

NimbleText is available freely online but this version has some less features compare to its free desktop version and you also have the option to upgrade it to the premium version which has more other powerful features. You can see the difference of each version here.

Online NimbleText provides useful handy snippets to quick start your text manipulation. You should try these snippets,it will help you in future as you will have an idea what kind of text manipulation you can perform with NimbleText.

Try NimbleText Live Now

Just enter the below text in the first text box (for each row in this list)


Then enter the following line in second text box(substitute using this pattern)

update $0 set $1 = '$2' where Id = $3

and click on calculate to see the results.

Hope you have liked this simple post. If you know any other similar tool do share about it in comment seciton below.

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