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Know how to hide your number in TrueCaller app

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Know how to hide your number from TrueCaller app

In this post I am going to share information about how you can remove your number from TrueCaller to restrict your name to be displayed when someone searches your number in TrueCaller app.

TrueCaller is awesome app if you want to know the name behind the number especially for Girls when someone troubles them from unknown number.

It also has more functionality provided such as you can see the name of caller when you get a call without that number saved in your contact list, you can block certain numbers, you can update your phonebook with pictures and one more very important but lesser known feature that if you are TrueCaller user then you gets notified when someone request information for your number and you have option to approve or reject the request.

Though above feature is available in TrueCaller most of the peoples are using it without availing such features which is making their privacy in concern.

If you have read TrueCalller’s Terms of Service then you can read how the several data of you including your contact book might be collected by them.

So if you don’t want to keep your number visible in TrueCaller database follow the steps mentioned below to remove your number.

  • Go to this URL
  • You will see one textbox to enter number, enter your mobile number with country code e.g. for India you can enter +91 and your number
  • Provide Captcha text for verification
  • Click “Unlist”

That’s it you are done. You will see a popup message that your number has been unlisted.

NOTE : Once you unlist your number then you cannot submit it again. So think whether you are really want to remove it or not and then go for it.

Hope this information has benefited you. Let me know your opinion in comment section below. Thanks.

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