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Orkut is shutting down. Download your photos, profile data and other details with Google Takeout

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Hello friend!! You might already aware that Google has decided to shut down “Orkut” social networking site on 30th September 2014.

Though site is getting shut down Google has provided a service called “Google Takeout” by which you can download all your photos uploaded to Orkut ,profile data, posts and other information in single zip file so you can preserve all your memories which you had shared in those time.

Today only I have downloaded orkut backup of mine profile and once again I went in memories of my college days. Some of the pics are too funny that I was just smiling alone while watching them and gonna watch it together with all of my college friends.

Now it’s time to download all your memories by clicking this link of “Google Takeout

It will redirect you to the sign in page where you need to provide your orkut credentials once you login it will redirect you the page which will look like below.

Orkut is shutting down. Download your photos, profile data and other details with Google Takeout.

Then you need to click on CREATE ARCHIVE button to start archive process. Now you can either sign out or can wait for process to be completed. You receives a mail once archival is completed and download link is gets shown once you re-login. That’s it. You can download zip file containing all your orkut details.

"Google Takeout" service is available until September 2016 but better you download all backup before only.

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Let me know your thoughts about it and how your reaction was by watching your orkut time snaps.

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