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Workaround to override message “The value {0} is not valid for {1}” in ASP.NET MVC

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This post contains simple information about how you can override or change default error message “The value {0} is not valid for {1}” in MVC.
In my last project I wanted to change default error message “The value {0} is not valid for {1}” for decimal field quantity to “Invalid Quantity”. 

When I google for it I found a solution by which I can achieve it on project level by defining them in a Resource file and then changing “ResourceClassKey” of ClientDataTypeModelValidatorProviderin Global.asax file. I was expecting a one line solution but this was little complex just to achieve simple message change and as our TL was so coward that I knew he will definitely going to reject this solution (happened same :-) ).

Anyways, so I achieved this by overriding this message in controller by manipulating ModelState and that solution got accepted as we wanted this change at two places only. So here I am sharing the same if you too want a quick workaround. This may not be a proper way but to close the bug it has saved my time.

When you define model class like below.

public class ProductViewModel
        [Required(ErrorMessage="Required field.")]
        public string Name { get; set; }

        [Required(ErrorMessage = "Required field.")] 
        public decimal Quantity { get; set; }


Error message gets generated in following way when you enter text in decimal type of field.

Default Error message in MVC in model validation

To change the above message I manipulated ModelState like following in controller when form gets posted.

 if (!this.ModelState.IsValid)
                if (this.ModelState["Quantity"].Errors.Count == 1 && this.ModelState["Quantity"].Errors[0].ErrorMessage.Contains("is not valid for Quantity"))
                    this.ModelState["Quantity"].Errors.Add("Invalid Quantity.");
                return View(model);

And that’s it now when you enter text for decimal field following message gets generated.

Changed Error message in MVC in model validation

You can achieve this hack in jQuery too by looping on data attribute. Another workaround is simply make this textbox as numeric textbox by handling it’s key events in jQuery.

Hope this simple post has benefited you. If you know any other way to achieve the same please do share it in comment section below. Thanks.

Download Sample Project

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