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Easily create or edit images to share on Social sites like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram with Pablo

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In this post I am going to share information about one of the free tool available on internet to design engaging images for your social media posts to share on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

Tool name is "Pablo" whcih is designed by Buffer. Overall design of the tool is very simple so you can easily understand how to design the image.

Below are some features of this tool.

  • Predefined size options for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. (E.g. Tall, Square & Wide)
  • You can edit existing image or upload new one.
  • Contrast, Black & White and Blue effects available.
  • Secondory text and Custom logo options is there.
  • You can add text or quotes on image with different font, size and color.
  • Set of quotes is already there and you can just shuffle and use the quote.

I found this tool very easy to use, fast and can generate awesome customized images in very less time. (30 seconds is mentioned on site)

So check out this tool at below ling and let me know your opinion about the same.

Try Pablo Now

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