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What is the difference between i++ and ++i in C#

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In this post I will share some information about incremental operator ++ of C#. In many interviews this question has been already asked and still it is one of the favorite question for some of the interviewers i.e. What is the difference between i++ and ++I in C#?

So let’s check what the difference is.

In both the cases value of “i” gets incremented but the difference is i++ - It’s a type of post increment. When you write i++ it means “give me the value of i and then increment its value”, on the other hand ++i means “increment the value of i and then give me the updated value”.

Let’s understand using some example.

If you write a code like below.

int i = 2;

int j= 2;

int k = i++;

int l = ++j;

In above case, at the end, values of i,j,k and l will be like following

i = 3

j = 3

k =2

l = 3

So by above example you can easily understand how pre increment and post increment works.

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