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Your Android smartphone can be affected by Heartbleed. Check it with Heartbleed Detector.

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Your Android smartphone can be affected by Heartbleed. Check it with Heartbleed Detector.

So you are aware about "Heartbleed" flaw of OpenSSL. Right?

If not then I will recommend to read my previous post "What is Heartbleed bug?"

Now you are fully aware about What is Heartbleed and how it can harm several sites which are implementing OpenSSL. But you might not know that your android smartphone has OpenSSL implemented in it.

Yes, you have read it correct. As OpenSSL is implemented in Android OS some android smartphones are vulnerable too with Heartbleed bug.

To confirm you can read the post in Google's official blog here.

So you might thinking How to check whether your Android is not hacked with Heartbleed bug and you are safe. Then you can check it by several free app provided on Google Play. Download "Heartbleed Detector" app from here.

This free app by Lookout Mobile security will let you know whether OpenSSL implemented in your android is vulnerable with heartbleed or not. If yes then whether it is enabled or not.

So download it and confirm yourself.

It will scan your android smartphone and if it is totally safe then it will show following result.

Lookout - Heartbleed Detector - safe

If your android is affected but velnerable features are not enabled then it will show you result like following.

Lookout - Heartbleed Detector - Found but safe

And if your android is affected and vulnerable features are enabled too i.e. your at risk then it will show result like following.

Lookout - Heartbleed Detector -At risk

So what to do when it shows affected. The answer is you need to check whether any updates are available for your android by checking it in "Settings>About Phone>Software Update". If any updates are available then download it and install it. (It might need computer to update your android system). If no any updates are available then you need to wait till any patches or updated gets released.

Thanks for reading. Hope you have benefited from this information. Do share your thoughts in comment section below and do not forget to share it with your friends.

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