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How to test responsive website design offline with local or remote servers

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This post covers information about Dimension Legacy Google Chrome extension which helps you to test responsive website offline with pre-defined set of popular devices.

If you are familiar with using chrome extension then you might already know this responsive design testing tool.

Let’s check what the features of this extension are.

  • Main feature of this extension is you can use it offline once you add it.
  • Along with pre-defined set of popular phones and tablets it also has facility to provide custom width and height.
  • Has option to rotate
  • Choice to show and hide scroll bars
  • Scale for Phone,Wide Phone, Tablet and Wide Tablet.
  • Works with remote and local server too which means you can test “http://localhost sites too.

This extension is very lightweight so best if you can check it out by adding it to Google Chrome by clicking on this URL. (You need to sign in to add it)

You can check out below image of Dimension Legacy extension with loaded it in.

How to test responsive website design offline with local or remote servers

There is premium version of this extension also available named “Dimensions Toolkit” which you can check out here.

So try and let me know your experience about it. Do not forget to share any other extension or tool you know for responsive design testing.

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