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Transfer large files between androids at high speed using Wifi Direct

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Transfer large files between androids at high speed using Wifi Direct

Hello friend, in this post I am going to share information about how to transfer large files between android smartphones at blazing speed.

Let’s start.

To share large files between android there are several apps available which uses WiFi direct or NFC(Near Field Communication) technology rather using Bluetooth technology for file transfer. Benefits of using such technology is speed because it uses peer-to-peer connection and also it doesn’t required any wireless access point for communication, the only requirement is both the device must have the app. Some of these apps have facility of sharing files with hotspot but having app in both device makes it easier to share.

 As I mentioned earlier, to share files you will need a “”FileBeam” app in both the devices which you can download from Google Play here.

To share file, just keep FileBeam running on both devices and from sender device just select files using “+” button and once you select all files to be sent just press send. Once you tap on sent you will see a receivers device name on your screen just tap on that which will connect it to the another device. Receiver needs to confirm it and once he confirms both the devices can see the progress that too in high speed.

You can check out below video to see File Beam in action.

There is newly launched version of FileBeam is available too called “FileBeam Plus” from the same developer which has more features than FileBeam such as you can share Apps,Games too.  I haven't tried it yet but you can check it out that too at this link.

Download and try it and let me know your opinion about the same in comment section below. Want to share this information with you buddy? Just click any of share buttons!!

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