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How to Prepare for the interviews - Simple but important tips - Part 2 - Things that matter during interview

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With reference to my Previous Post of this series, in this post I am going to share some interview tips about how to preapare for the interview by building up self-confidence and how some little things matters during interview.

Confidence –Attend more interviews and maintain your own collection of interview Ques.

Once you done with your resume, it’s time to analyze yourself in terms of confidence. So ask yourself “How much you are confident about attending the interview?”

“Practice makes man perfect!!” – You might think how this relates here!!!

Answer is,more you attend the interviews, more you will gain the confidence. You might get fail in initial interviews but it will help you to prepare your Question Bank. I will suggest attending interviews in all those companies which are not in “your” list of companies.

Once you done with your interview, immediately list down the questions, especially those which forced you to say “Sorry! I don’t know” and prepare yourself with all these questions so next time you can answer it. Also try to collect questions from your friends and prepare with answers.

I usually create small-small “.txt” or “.doc” files with appropriate name (e.g. Abstract Class v/s Interface) which helps me to quickly recall everything in less time.

When you are not so confident about preparation then avoid attending interview in the company which you really want to join. (Just to save the chance as every company has its own cooling period).

During the Interview

Once your resume has played its role, then it’s your turn!!

  • Listen first & then answer: During interview you must listen properly first and then answer to the question! Sometimes, expectation of the interviewer is different, so in hurry we may give the different answer.
  • Don’t be extra explanatory: If interviewer wants the descriptive answer then only explain the theory, otherwise short explanation is enough.
  • Be Confident:  While answering the questions look in to the eyes of interviewer as it will show your confidence. (Don’t keep staring though!! :-) ) . Also avoid answering the question more than 1-2 minutes, cause if you talk continuously then interviewer will get more time to think for the next question. :-)
  • Don’t let your confidence down: If you don’t know the answer of the question, accept it and say you don’t know.  Avoid saying beside the point things which will create your bad impression.

    But if you have some idea about the answer of the question but not able to recollect the exact term, then try to recollect at your best, still if you not, then try to explain it in your words it will definitely show your ‘Trying Attitude’.

    And very important do not keep thinking on that question!! Just leave it and face the next question with cool mind, otherwise you might forget the answer of the second question.

  • Keep a proper Body Gesture: During interview try to avoid shaking legs, Keep pressing the button of pen  etc etc. some people have these habits, which may lead to bad impression.
  • Use of Paper/Board: If you have confidence and knowledge about the particular question then and only then try to explain more on paper/Board whatever available, with help of diagrams/programs. 
  • Don’t Cross question: During interview Interviewer may irritate you by asking same question again and again, he may ask complicated question on the technology which you have not mentioned in the resume and not related to job description, though this case is rare but if it happens, he might check your patience, so avoid cross questioning.

Once you done with interview and when interviewer asks “Do you have any Questions?”  Ask some questions which will show your interest in job and company.

I generally ask, “If I got selected, what will be my role?” or “If I got selected what will be the project domain or technologies on which I supposed to work?”  or if you feel that the particular question asked by interviewer was very interesting or practical then ask about that advanced question, but in a way that it will show that you are very curious about it and not checking the knowledge of the interviewer. :- )

Hope you have benefited with this post!

All this information is from my personal experience, so let me know your experiences and suggestions in comment section below.

Thanks! Happy Job Hunting!!

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