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Free Online SQL formatter Tools - Format and auto align SQL code

Share with WhatsApp -Free Online SQL formatter Tools  - Format and auto align SQL code

In this post I am going to share some free online tools to format SQL code. Using these tools we can auto format, auto align our SQL code very easily. We can make our SQL code easy to read, understand & debug.
These are free tools and some of them comes with very good features such as we can convert SQL query or stored procedure in C# or HTML code. Very useful for developers who spent their time in concatenation of SQL code in C# or HTML.
Here are the tools.

SQL Online - Instant SQL Formatter - By Gudu Software

It's a fully featured sql formatter with many advanced output options and configurations.
It has facility to choose your own output format e.g HTML, C#, VB.NET and many more.
I found this very useful for developers as concanicate sql query in C# or VB.NET with string is such a tedious and boring job. But thanks to this tool, using this we can format our all sql code in any format we want that to in seconds and freely.

Try It.

TSQL Code formatter - By sqlserverlearner

It is very simple TSQL formatter, just copy paste your sql in the textbox and click format. thats it in seconds you will get formatted sql with proper alignment. Its very simple and does not provide any other options as like other formatters.

Try It


Online SQL formatting tool


It is also simple sql formatter. Just need to copy paste sql text and click format and we get formatted sql text. We have choice to format sql text in different formats such as SQL,PHP and Phython etc. It also provides some other options to control the formatting which are as follows.

  • Remove or keep comments
  • Enable or disable syntax highligting
  • Keywords casing
  • Identifiers casing
  • Indention
  • Language : SQL,PHP,Python

Try It.

SQL Formatter - By SQL Complete - Devart

This is one of the best free online sql formatter tool powered by SQL Complete(Devart). Using this SQL code can be automatically formatted. The formatter can work either with available code or the code that is being typed. You don't need to pay that much attention to case, line breaks, whitespaces, indenting, wrapping, etc - the application will take care of them all for you.  
It has several settings by which we can have total control on how our sql text needs to be format, obiviously its for adavanced formatting. Even if we use it as it is it can render nice formatted sql code which is easy to read, understand and debug.

Try it. - By Tao Klerks is an free online SQL formatting tool that uses the Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter library. This too has several configuration options and very easy to use.

Just need to provide SQL in "Input SQL", and we can get very well formatted SQL in "Foramtted SQL", also we can get "HTML Source" of the same if we want to show it in a html page, it provides styles too.(useful for bloggers :-))

It also provides plugin for Visual studio and SSMS.

Try it.

I personally use PoorSQL,DpDriver and Devart's SQL-Format for formatting my SQL code and honestly it saves a lot time and also makes your code pretty and as per standard. :-)

Try each formatter and let me know which one is the best? If any other formatter you know feel free to share about it in comment section below.


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