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How to hide messages in android from particular number using Vault app

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Hello friend, In this post I am going to share  information on how we can keep messages and calls from particular number private in android by using "Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos" app develped by "NQ Mobile Security".

I have been using this app since I had started using my first android smartphone and its really working great for me. Though it has limit of 100 messages in free version but that can be manageable.

Using this app you can keep a number in vault after which whenever any Call or SMS comes from that number it automatically gets hidden from call logs and messages. So even if our smartphone is in other’s hands he (or "She") not able to see the messages and you can see the message later privately in vault app  as you can set password for your vault.

It has several easy to use features which makes this app very useful. It has built in support to lock other apps, make photos, videos and even Facebook messages private.

Here are the steps to hide Call and SMS from particular number:

  • Download "Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos" from Google Play.
  • Open "Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos" app
  • Click on "SMS and Call Logs"
  • Then click on "+" on upper right corner
  • Then choose from "Hide phone numbers" and "hide messages" as per requirement.

Hide Phone numbers: Once you add a phone number to your vault, all messages and call logs to or from this number will be hidden.

Hide Messages: select messages from your phone and add them to your vault.

It has several other “paid” features such as fake vault, Vault Online, Stealth Mode, Break-In Attempts which are very powerful if you want more layers to maintain your privacy.

You can check all other features on Google Play here.

Here is there video for more information.

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