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How to hide WhatsApp images and videos from gallery or album in android smartphones

Share with WhatsApp -How to hide WhatsApp images and videos from gallery or album in android smartphones

Hello, Hope you are reading this in happy mood. :-)

In this post I am going to share a simple yet very important trick to hide all WhatsApp images and videos from the gallery or album in android smartphones.

Nowadays , WhatsApp has almost replaced a SMS/MMS and playing very crucial role in day to day communication with our family members and friends. As every application has its pros and cons, a very common problem I felt regarding WhatsApp is that all the images or videos you receive or send in WhatsApp gets shown in our gallery or albums (Hussh.. I got rid of deleting all *those* images everyday while going home!!).

So after much research I have found this trick, you may have already found it and using it but felt to share it again as most of friends are still not knowing this. :-)

here are the steps in detail:

  • Download any file explorer software in your android mobile (I will recommend "X-plore") which will allow you to create a file(blank named file with only its extension).
  • I am assuming you have downloaded a X-plore app in you mobile so all next steps are according to it.
  • If you have moved WhatsApp in SD card then you can find a WhatsApp related folder named "WhatsApp" under root of SD card if not you will find it in internal memory only.
  • Open "Media" folder in it you will find several folders such as WhatsApp Audio, WhatsApp Images, WhatsApp Video etc etc.
  • Create a simple a file as ".nomedia". For this press and hold on folder named "Media" and then touch on "New Text File"
  • Popup will open to enter file name, remove everything from textbox and enter ".nomedia" (without quotes) and press OK.
  • It will by default open that file in edit mode just touch on the file name at the top left corner and file will get created (If you are not able to see the file, just press on 3 dots at top right corner and press on Configuration and check "Show hidden files")
  • Now check your album or gallery you will not see any whatsApp image or video in that (it still they are getting shown just stop the album from settings which will force it to scan again)

Hope you are able to achieve this trick. If you face any difficulty in the same let me know in comment section (I am successfully using this trick in my Sony Xperia C smartphone).

Bonus TIPS :

  1. For above trick we just need to create a file with a blank name and only with extension ".nomedia", it doesnt matter how you create it.
  2. You can use same trick for all other images or videos which you want to keep private just by creating above file in it.



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